Your first lesson in Lombok

31 Jul 2019

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Will LMBK be your first surf experience and first surf lesson in Lombok? In this blog we’ll explain everything you can expect in your first surf lesson in Kuta, Lombok!

Warm-up for your first surf lesson in Lombok

Surfing is a sport, and like with any sport, a warm-up is important to prevent injuries in your first surf lesson in Lombok! Together with the instructors we’ll do a small jog on the beach to get started, and then warm up and stretch the muscles used mostly in surfing. 

Theory explanation

Our surf instructors will explain the basics of surfing, how to take your first wave and get up. They will also instruct you on how to stay safe in the water, what to do when a wave is coming, and protect yourself if you fall. If you have any questions, you can always ask the teachers. 

Practice on the land

You will first practice the “pop-up”, getting up on your board, on the land! That might feel strange, but it’s actually really helpful. When you are with the board in the water you have to balance really well. On the land the board is stable, so it makes it easier to practice this first on the land. Our instructors will help you to get the pop-up right, so you will be able to get up easier once you are in the water. 

Time for your first wave!

After this practice it’s time to go for your first wave, you will go into the water with our instructors. They will help you to catch the waves, tell you when to paddle and when to get up. Surfing is a sport you learning by trying and doing a lot, it’s completely normal to fall a lot in the beginning. And always remember, the best surfer, is the surfer who has the most fun!

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