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Terms and conditions

1. Booking & Refund Policy

LMBK Surf Camp reserves the right to postpone or cancel any adventure due to any disaster of either a political or caused by nature or any other force majeure. For example: bushfires, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, political unrest or humongous, gigantic waves. LMBK Surf Camp will not provide a refund in any of the above circumstances.

Within 24 hours after booking customers have the right to cancel their booking with a 100 % refund if the arrival date is more than 4 weeks in the future. After that the following applies to cancelations:

  • Cancelation before 14 weeks before arrival date: 50 % of the price is refundable. However it is possible to reschedule for a 150 € fee per person.
  • Cancelation under 8 weeks before arrival are not refundable and there is no possibility to reschedule. 

Every guest is responsible for their own travel & cancelation insurance in case of loss of holiday costs. 

!Corona Virus!

Due to the recent development of the Corona Outbreak and the Indoensia traveling restrictions, the followong applies:

If Indoensia ban the entry from your specific region LMBK Surf Camp offers these customer to change the date without any extra fees. This only applies to people departing from the baned areas in Iran, Italy, China, South Korea.