LMBK Surf House

About LMBK

We are the first to combine a surf-focused accommodation for experienced surfers and run a fully comprehensive surf academy side by side. For far too long there has been a disconnect between beginners and more advanced surfers. At LMBK we bring the community together to advance the sport of Surfing and make the experience better for all those who love the ocean.

Meet Some of the LMBK Family

We spend a lot of time finding the right people to make LMBK a one-of-a-kind experience.


Known as ‘the nicest man in Lombok,’ Wanwan will always make you feel welcome at LMBK and around town. He knows everything there is to know about Indo culture and local fare so don’t hesitate to ask him any questions you might have. Wanwan is an invaluable part of the LMBK family, just ask our guests and staff.


A native son to Kuta, Saban has been surfing in Lombok for nearly a decade. His passion for ocean sports has evolved into a career, now teaching people from all over the world how to rip. Saban loves to share his knowledge of the sea and finds joy in helping people progress and develop their skills in the water.


In 2017 Andrew left his home state of California on a 3-month trip abroad. Those 3 months quickly turned into 2 years, 30 plus countries visited, and a deep love for both Indonesia and surfing. When Andrew is not in the water you can find him hanging around LMBK or at a nearby coffee house.



Lui has been surfing Lombok waves his entire life. Lui has the ability to fly out of the water like no one else is Lombok. When Lui is not teaching or catching air he’s usually around town spending quality time with his family.