Traveling around Lombok: Gili air

20 Jul 2019

Gili air is the most beautiful tropical island, that we love to visit! It is one of three little islands just in front on the west coast of Lombok. Together with Gili Trawagan and Gili Meno the group is often referred to as the Gili islands. Gili air is the perfect island to relax, but also has fun activities to do. Gili meno is even smaller, and more quiet, and Gili trawagan has more of a party vibe, we think Gili air is the perfect balance between these two!

How to get there from LMBK

From LMBK we can help you to arrange a transfer to the harbor, from there Gili Air is just a small boat ride from Lombok. You can take a fast boat, mostly used by tourists. We can also recommend to just take the smaller local boats, they go often, and it’s a great experience! On the island itself no motorized traffic is allowed, to get from the boat to your accommodation, you can take a horse and carriage. To get around you can either walk or rent a bike. 


What to do

Walking and biking around the island

Gili air is really small, if you want to see the whole island you can bike or walk around the island. Some roads on this tour are more sand than road, so if you take the bike, you have to walk on some points. If you walk around the whole island over the beach, it will take you only about 1 hour!

Horse riding

Horses on the Gili’s are the main form of transportation, used with carriages to transport tourists, their luggage, and all deliveries of products. You can find many places to ride around the island on a horse all over the island. 



Snorkeling and diving

The coral reef around the Gili islands is well known for beautiful snorkel and dive spots. You can take courses to learn how to dive as well. We went diving with Gili Air Divers, and always went with just a small group, which was perfect. The most amazing were all the different turtles we spotted, and the big variety in dive spots, each of them has their own unique underwater wildlife to see. 


Taking the perfect sunset picture

The gili’s are the perfect place for sunset watching, enjoy it on the beach with a cocktail in your hands, and make some pictures you friends at home will be jealous of. Everywhere on the beach you will find swings, that are inviting to take the best insta pic on the beach. 


Where to eat


This organic café was one of our favorite places to eat on Gili air. It is a bit hidden on the middle of the island, so it took a few times biking around it, before we found it. At Pachamama you can get super healthy and good food, fresh smoothies, and it’s a beautifully decorated space to enjoy your meals. 

Pura Vida Gili Air

A Spanish restaurant with a real Spanish chef, serving super fresh mediterenian food, with plenty of vegetarian options. Located at the beach you can enjoy a dinner here with amazing sunset views. On Sunday’s they have a reggae band playing great live music! Besides a restaurant they also have 3 recently updated guest rooms.

Surf camp Indonesia

The most fun and relaxing surf camp you’ll ever see!

We’re located in the heart of Kuta, Lombok, and organize fully arranged surf and yoga trips so you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday and an unforgettable experience.